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Taco Susan.

Alright, this is a product you’ve probably never seen; unless you constantly look up products from online stores, like I do. But, this is one that I think is actually a good idea.

The video is listed above, but it’s not like a normal infomercial. It’s a calmer, how the product came to be video. Which is certainly an interesting turn from the average video.

This product honestly seems like a good idea. Taco night is always a mess in the kitchen at my house, with everyone reaching over each other to get what they want.

Basic idea of this product is that you put all the taco ingredients in the cups on the tray, set it on the table and have everyone make their tacos there. Which seems like a more efficient way of waiting in line in the kitchen or not being able to find what you need because someone is using it.

Overall, all the customers liked this product. Really, it’s weird for me too; to find a product that everyone likes. Minus, of course, the few ideas that could make it better or add more options to the product itself.

People liked that it was cleaner and more efficient to make tacos, but it also got the family together when eating because it is supposed to be placed on the table when used; that pretty much means that you have to sit at the table with your family to eat.

For example: Some people wished there were different sizes, both bigger and smaller; so that if you had more people, then there were bigger cups to hold more toppings instead of having to refill the bowls more often. Or smaller, so that a smaller group of people didn’t have too much.

But, this is not just for tacos. People have used it for sundae toppings and things like that. The Taco Susan is essentially a reusable fruit tray that you could buy at the store, which means you can use it for all of those types of things. Like for vegetables and dip, or fruit and caramel.

This does seems like a fairly useful product, and all the reviewers liked it. So if you’re interested, here’s the link to the website that sells the Taco Susan.

I’ve updated my about page, because I do not endorse any of the products shown. Just thought I would clarify that. In hindsight, I probably should have done so at the beginning of this blog.

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No No Hair Remover.

Probably one of the most annoying commercials out right now is the No No Hair commercial. This would not be such an issue if it wasn’t on all the time. It seems that every time that I turn the television on that this commercial is either the first or second one to be played. Now, if you haven’t seen it, consider yourself lucky and watch it for me anyway.

This product is said to eliminate the need to shave. That’s is safe and effective. This is not the case from any review that I have read so far. In the commercial you see women using the product on their face; however, on the packaging it specifically says not for use on face. Which from my understanding is what most people buy it for.

Seems a little sketchy, right? Because I certainly think so. Supposedly there are many pros of this item; gets rid of the need to shave, easy to use, affordable.

Yeah, no. This product is almost $300 a piece and that’s not even with the full kit that you need to even use it; it can’t be used on the face and where you can use it, it doesn’t work all that well. Many reviewers state that you can really only use this product on fine, light colored hair for their to even be a slight difference in the amount of shaving you need to do.

On long, dark hair? Good luck. Coarse or wavy hair, not going to happen. Overall, No No Hair Removal is a no go.

Expensive and doesn’t work are definitely two things that you don’t want to go together when you see a product that is supposed to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Seriously, shaving doesn’t even take that much time. Buck up and do what you have to. Anyway, you have to use No No once a day for 6 weeks. That’s not even worth my time, but I don’t know about anyone else.

To me, this product is not worth the cost or effort. Granted, I’m a little on the lazy side, but still, there should be nothing you need for a hair removal product that costs that much.

Overall, very few people rated this product with more than 3 stars because it wasn’t effective, inexpensive or worth it to them.

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Hanger Cascader.

Seeing that I’m female and I have a rather extensive collection of clothing, I thought this might be an overall interesting product for me. This one, however, is a lot older than the other products I’ve reviewed so far. In fact, I hadn’t even seen the commercial until I looked it up on Youtube. Link below.

Now that you’ve seen the commercial again, I imagine you might have some recollection of it when it was on a lot.

Now, in the commercial, it talks about another type of hanger organizer like product, which I also found online. So I’m going to summarize the reviews of both products and see which ones people like better, if they like them at all.

People didn’t like the plastic version because it wasn’t strong enough to hold the clothes that were going to be used on the product and that it would bend under even small amounts of weight. This is the exact opposite of what people said about the metal one, people really liked that it was able to hold heavier clothing items, like suits, easily.

However, people who reviewed the metal one believed that the plastic ones would work fine for lighter apparel, which is the complete opposite of what the reviewers of the plastic one said.

Now, I’m saying that one group is right or wrong, but this seems like one of the products that I would honestly need to try before I could agree with one side or the other just because it does depend on what you want to store this way.

If this does work though, it would make my closet have so much more space and look less like a disaster zone every morning after I get dressed. Now, if only I could find someone to hang up my clothes for me…

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Air Curler.

Air Curler, a product to curl your hair without using a curling iron. Remember the commercial? Super happy women with their hair dryers with attached plastic? If not, it’s below, like usual.

So, instead of using direct heat, the Air Curler uses a tornado like motion to wipe your hair around in snarly wads while drying it. Sounds cool, if you really like brushing knots out of your hair.

Now, I’ve seen some video responses on Youtube of people actually using the Air Curler and read some reviews online. The videos mentioned that your hair must be pretty wet, the hair dryer on high, instead of on low like the directions recommend and that it doesn’t make the softer curls it boasts of, but rather just ringlets. As well as it’s hard to find the sweet spot that causes the hair to curl.

Amazon buyers really dislike this product over 15 people rated the product with one star while others only 7 people rated this with 5 stars. This is out of a total of 35 reviews. The lower rated reviews say that the Air Curler is big and clumsy which makes it harder to use; while this doesn’t necessarily agree with the videos perfectly, I do see that the product does look a little uncomfortable to use.

Pros overall are that people did like the ringlets they got using this product, if they got it to work correctly. One review that was highly rated was that it worked well if you read all of the directions and used something to keep volume if you hair falls flat easily.

Now, something the information online boasts is that it doesn’t damage your hair by using direct heat, but using indirect heat is still bad for your hair, just not as bad as using direct heat, so there’s that. In my opinion, I would rather have the curls I want without the frustration but using the heat.

So that’s the Air Curler for you. And as thanks for reading, here’s a picture of a bunny.