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Callous Clear

There are many products out there that claim to leave your feet feeling smooth and get rid of the callous’ that happen from everyday life. This product claims the same thing. This is a product that I hadn’t heard of before today and the video is down below, if you’re interested in watching it.

Alright, seems too good to be true, right? Well, that is because it is.

While many of the offers seem to include things that seem as though they would work exceedingly well for callous removal, they in fact do not. The reviewers of this product seemed undeniably unhappy with the product above. That it was messy, and really didn’t do what it was advertised to do at all.

Then there are the people who are the exact opposite of that. Those people thought the product did absolutely everything they wished for. It smoothed skin, rid their feet of callous’ and was just genuinely a great product.

But, here is the catch, in comparison to those who liked the product, the number of those unsatisfied was much great. Overall, a majority of users disliked the product. Just because of that, I would think that this product is not one to waste your money on.

Quite frankly, I don’t have the problem of callused feet so I don’t know what I would do about them. But apparently other ways to get rid of them include soaking your hands/feet in water and then scrubbing away the dead skin, wrapping them in crushed aspirin and ace bandages, or rubbing cornstarch to the calloused area. There are many other home remedies, but they all look pretty silly.

So, this product has an overwhelmingly no when it comes to buying this product. This could be for many other reasons too, not just not working well. I’ve noticed that it’s possible that it worked, but just not the best product for the issue or the most cost effective.

Word of advice; research things before you buy them, so that you’re not disappointed when they don’t work. Or, don’t complain about being disappointed because you didn’t take the time to research it properly.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading, and for your time, here’s a picture of some cats in boots.


Baby Shower Caps.

This is something that I’m sure would have saved my mom many moments of aggravation with my little sister. What this is a  shower cap for babies or toddlers and it keeps the water and soap out of the baby’s face; a common problem with many babies.

These caps look like a visor. (Picture below)

But there are several different styles, some curve like the picture above and others curve upwards to drain the water down the back. The second type is normally for older toddlers with longer hair because it rinses the water towards the back making the long hair easier to wash, while a baby really has very little hair.

Honestly, I’m surprised that this is something relatively new, at least new in the fact that it’s more easily available now than it was in the past. It has always been a problem because some children hate having water on their faces. Even my little sister, who’s 9, still does.

As always, there are people who are not satisfied with the product, and others who are entirely satisfied. I’ll start with the dissatisfied people first.

To start, most of these caps are one size fits all. As most people should know, one size fits all actually means that it will fit most people. The problem with that is sometimes the caps are too large for a baby’s head and too small for a toddler’s head, so there’s a range that the hat fits the child but not a huge range.

Also, the foam that helps mold the cap to the head can be bent during shipping, which essentially wrecks the product because the foam isn’t able to be bent back to the original shape.

On the opposite side of those people are the ones who think that this is a great product. A lot of the people who reviewed products like this highly said that the product worked exactly like it was supposed to, that their kids had no issues wearing the cap and that it looks adorable on their kid.

So there’s that. There were a few people in the middle who thought it was an okay product, but could have been better, but it was for reasons other than just the product.

Overall, I would rate this as a 3 out of 5. There seemed to be more people who liked all or most of the product compared to those who hated the whole thing.

So, if you need on for your kid, there are  certainly plenty of options out there. But, be sure to read the product reviews first, not just look at the star rating.

That’s all I’ve got on this. Thanks for reading! For your time, here’s a picture of a baby kangaroo.


Beach Sand Work Area.

If there was a messier invention out there, I’ve yet to see it.

The whole idea of this invention is to bring the beach to the office. It’s like a sand box, but inside and under your desk. This is a cool idea, until you move too much one way and a whole bunch of sand ends up on the carpet next to your desk. It looks like this.


Reasons this sounds like a bad idea:

1: Chances are if you have the space under your desk, that you don’t have a desk in a cubicle. The point of this being you could just take a vacation. To somewhere warm, with a beach. Personally, that’s the route that I would take.

2: No shoes? Really, ew. You’re at work. I’m pretty sure that shoes are a requirement. If not, they should be.

3: It’s just messy. Come on.

How it could be useful is that it’s said to be de-stressing. Because it’s like a zen garden for your feet.

I don’t like sand. It gets into crevices and it’s just awkward for everyone involved.

Thank you for your time. For it, here’s a picture of panda rice balls.

Taco Susan.

Alright, this is a product you’ve probably never seen; unless you constantly look up products from online stores, like I do. But, this is one that I think is actually a good idea.

The video is listed above, but it’s not like a normal infomercial. It’s a calmer, how the product came to be video. Which is certainly an interesting turn from the average video.

This product honestly seems like a good idea. Taco night is always a mess in the kitchen at my house, with everyone reaching over each other to get what they want.

Basic idea of this product is that you put all the taco ingredients in the cups on the tray, set it on the table and have everyone make their tacos there. Which seems like a more efficient way of waiting in line in the kitchen or not being able to find what you need because someone is using it.

Overall, all the customers liked this product. Really, it’s weird for me too; to find a product that everyone likes. Minus, of course, the few ideas that could make it better or add more options to the product itself.

People liked that it was cleaner and more efficient to make tacos, but it also got the family together when eating because it is supposed to be placed on the table when used; that pretty much means that you have to sit at the table with your family to eat.

For example: Some people wished there were different sizes, both bigger and smaller; so that if you had more people, then there were bigger cups to hold more toppings instead of having to refill the bowls more often. Or smaller, so that a smaller group of people didn’t have too much.

But, this is not just for tacos. People have used it for sundae toppings and things like that. The Taco Susan is essentially a reusable fruit tray that you could buy at the store, which means you can use it for all of those types of things. Like for vegetables and dip, or fruit and caramel.

This does seems like a fairly useful product, and all the reviewers liked it. So if you’re interested, here’s the link to the website that sells the Taco Susan.

I’ve updated my about page, because I do not endorse any of the products shown. Just thought I would clarify that. In hindsight, I probably should have done so at the beginning of this blog.

For your time, here’s a picture of a hamster eating a carrot. Thanks for reading!

Chomper Cherry Pitter.

As the name implies, this product is used to pit cherries, and olives too. It’s really super adorable too, so that might be considered a plus for some people. Below is an image of the product in action.


I mean really, this thing is adorable. However, you can’t just judge a product on looks; you have to judge on safety too, if something like that actually matters to people. The tooth protects your fingers from getting chomped and is supposed to help keep the cherry in place by making it unable to roll around too much. The clear bit at the bottom collects the pits and the extra juice that would have normally ended up all over the counter or your hands.

The video below even lists out all of the great features this product includes. You can watch it here.

This being said, it seems like a great product, right? That’s debatable to the reviewers on Amazon. Sometimes, the pit is not taken out, so you have to do it by hand. It can only pit one cherry at a time; if you want a bunch of them, you’re going to be using this for awhile. The feet don’t drain well enough- meaning that there is excess water left in the product which is totally not sanitary. Pit have to be emptied out fairly often otherwise the head gets suck and you can’t get the next cherry out.

From what I’ve read, a lot of people buy these because they think they are cute. (They’re also fairly inexpensive compared to other cherry pitters.) Or because their kids asked for one since children like cherries, I guess.

Most people really enjoy these based on what the reviews say. ( Link to reviews.) A majority of the higher starred reviewers think that it’s functional to a point; if you’re going to pit a bunch of cherries then you need a different tool, but if you’re only doing a few then it is easier to use this compared to using a knife.

If you really don’t care what the pitted cherry will look like and don’t want to spend the money, use a knife. But if you want your cherries to look like just picked cherries then this would be the way to go if you’ve got the time and patience for this product.

But really, if you’re going for usefulness, this is probably not your product. All in all, I think that the cuteness outweighs most negatives about this product.

As always, for your time, here’s a picture of a hedgehog-shaped steamed bun.


Goatee Pacifier.

I’m sorry, but this is probably one of the most adorable fads out there right now. The beard and mustache trend has been going around lately online with everything from knit hats with beards to things like this.

Seriously, it’s a baby with a goatee pacifier and apparently people like these a lot and have bought them for their children or as a gag gift. That’s not even an over-exaggeration; there are so many different types of facial hair pacifiers online that I was impressed to see how many results I got from just a single search on Amazon. (To see the Amazon list of these, link here.) There’s everything from mustaches to funny teeth.

Now, there are a few problems with using a gag gift for actual continued use; it would be that this product is not meant for long term use because it’s actually not good for the development of the child’s teeth and jaw since it’s meant for looks not use.

But really, this sort of makes my day that someone out there decided that pacifiers with mouths were a good idea and that a lot of people like them make me even happy. Sometimes, I just really love the internet.

I don’t think this is a fad that will burn out very soon, but I can’t see it lasting all too long since facial hair on guys goes in and out of style fairly regularly too, but I don’t really follow trends so don’t believe me on anything fashion related.

Personally speaking, my stepdad said if these were around when my little brother was born that he would have gotten my brother a matching pacifier to my stepdad’s mustache just because he thought it would be hilarious and annoy my mom (which it probably would have).

Since you just read a blog post about mustaches, I feel you all deserve another picture of a baby with a mustache. Thanks for sticking through some of my weirder posts this week.


The Spork, my least favorite utensil. It doesn’t seem all that useful to me. A Spork is a fork and a spoon combined into this monstrous thing called a “Spork”.

The history of the Spork is rather simple. A guy named Sam Francis patented the idea of a fork and a spoon together in 1874, and a similar product was patented by George Laramy in 1907. Now, people love the idea of a two in one product because they’re efficient and space saving, apparently.

Sporks are very popular among campers, which does make sense. One wouldn’t have to pack as much if you only need one utensil for the job that normally requires two. This being said, that would be the only time I would bring myself to use such an awful thing, and even then I probably wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Things that a Spork can’t be used for:

Eating soup. The prongs for the fork part of a spork make it impossible to get a full spoonful of soup, and if you do, it’s impossible to eat without stabbing yourself in the mouth or not getting any soup on you because it all falls through the pronged area.

Cut up food. Since the Spork is only a fork and a spoon, you have to have additional utensils if you want to cut something up before you eat it. Now, there are some places where they make items like the one below, but there’s not spoon portion!

The image above is a product called “ForkChops” which is a fork, knife, and chop sticks and can be purchased for the low low price of only $5.99 and can be purchased here!

Picking up cut up food. Like with any plastic item of silverware, you can never pick up anything. The prongs are not long enough or sharp enough to stab anything, food or otherwise.

Things you can do with a Spork:

Be frustrated. Sporks just make me upset, and I have met very few people who think the same since pretty much everyone loves Sporks.

One other person who hates Sporks just as much as I do is Tessa Violet, or Meekakitty, on Youtube. Her video about Sporks is posted below.

There is also a blog post by a different author about Sporks and that post can be found here.

In my personal opinion, Sporks are an unnecessary evil that should be done away with because they’re a hard to use and horrible. I’d rather just have a fork, a spoon, and a knife compared to having to deal with the frustration that comes with using a Spork.

As always, thank you for your time and possible feedback. For that, I give to you a picture of an adorable little Saint Bernard puppy. Enjoy.

Stair Drawers.

These are probably one of the newest fads online when people are talking about home renovations and do it yourself projects. Stair drawers, as it sounds, there are drawers built into your stairs so that you have more storage and less is stored on the steps, which is safer (apparently safety is important).

There are really two main types of stair drawers. Drawers along the side of the stairs, as seen on the left, and drawers built in the stairs, which is on the right.


The one on the left is usually just drawers or shelves, which both look really cool if there is an empty side on the stair case. The stairs on the right is what seems to be the most common online that few people actually have, the individual stair slides out revealing a drawer.

I really like the first idea, and apparently a lot of other people do too. There are becoming other variations of the whole idea when people build their houses or just run out of space, and it makes sense. Space saving and it’s not in bulky containers that just get left downstairs that you can never find anything in.

The amount of webpages devoted to this is amazing. I mean, I expected there to be several decent ones, but I was surprised to find pretty much every do-it-yourself website had something like this, and most websites with house designs had similar things too.

This website has what actual people have done in their houses or houses they’ve bought with these two types of stair storage, and it shows a lot more variation with the two relatively simple ideas above.

However, this idea is actually against code regulations in some places when they’re built like the image on the right above because it’s a safety hazard (even though this is said to be safer than leaving things on the stairs) because the sheet rock that’s supposed to be under the stairs is to stop fires so if there are drawers that are movable then it’s not fire proof and because small children would be able to get stuck where the drawers slid into and out of.  ( link )

As cool as it is, it doesn’t seem like a necessarily good idea if you’re clumsy or have children, that and it’s against code. There are many different variations that aren’t against code but are different than the actual stair drawers and are more shelf-like than anything else.

Personally, being against code for drawers is not something I’d want, especially when I’d rather have the shelves for books and other trinkets.

For your time, here’s a picture of a baby red panda. 

One Click Stick Butter Cutter.

Now, since there aren’t always new infomercials on, I’ve decided to also do an invention part of the blog which piggybacks with the whole infomercial side of things. This does give me a lot more room for variability in my topics since most infomercials are about beautification and children’s toys, that being said, there are going to be a lot of seemingly random inventions.

On that note, today’s topic is butter cutters. There are many different types of similar products from those that cut the whole stick of butter into pats and the other ones that hold the butter and cut pieces off when you turn a knob, or something similar. But, I’m just going to talk about one specific type.

The first item to show up when I found this was called, “One Click Stick Butter Cutter.” It’s kind of the most adorable thing I’ve seen, as far as butter cutters go.

The above picture is the one that the company uses for advertisement, and while trying to find this specific picture, I came across the website for the company. Link here.

I mean really, who doesn’t need a product that cuts butter for you?

Pros of the butter cutter. First, you don’t get grease on you or your clothes (especially when you’re someone like me and the minute you get anything on your hands, you instinctively wipe it on your clothes). Second, this container is supposed to be more space effective in your fridge, since it sits upright and you don’t have to keep it in a butter dish. I don’t know about you, but my family never uses a butter dish in the fridge, or at all, so I don’t know if that’s a huge selling point. Last but not least, it’s dishwasher safe.

While the pros sound pretty reasonable, there are a lot more cons. I mean, a lot more. Since you keep this in the fridge, the butter is cold. Right? That means it’s more difficult to cut, and even worse when you’re using a button to cut it. A selling point on this product is that it’s safe for kids. Well, yeah, because they can’t get it to cut anything. Another is that it’s cheap, and not the good cheap, but that it’s cheaply made and breaks easily. And the last major complaint was that this cutter doesn’t fit normal sized butter rectangles, so you have to cut the butter to make it fit what’s supposed to cut the butter for you.

All in all, this doesn’t sound like a great product, but it doesn’t sound absolutely horrible. To each their own. Personally, I would not buy this just because I don’t actually cook all that much or find this a necessity.

With that, I leave you with a picture of a monkey.