Hello readers, this blog is all about infomercials and the products that are said to make your life “easier”. So that being said, I’m either going to review the products I buy and give my honest opinion or find out what everyone else thinks about these products and review them so you know which crazy inventions work and which ones don’t. I personally do not endorse any of the products I review, because they are not mine and I definitely don’t get paid to do so.

This is more than just a blog of gadgets and gizmos, it’s also about me and my personal interests and my adventures in the great big world of the internet.


Edit: This blog is no longer used for what it was originally created to be used for. Instead, I am now using it for a different language arts class and the content will be much more formatted and markedly different. Content will be about specific articles; including a summary, author information, and my personal take on their stance.