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This is the end.

This blog was started as a school assignment and as the year winds down, so will this blog.

I highly doubt that I will continue to blog after this year since there is no incentive to, but there might be cases were I do. (It’s all up in the air right now.)

But the purpose of this blog post is not that. I would like to say thank you to any reader/s that may have happened to stumble across my blog, whether they were folllowers or random visitors. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to keep blogging to the empty internet because it would have been entirely disheartening.

Even though I sincerely doubt the possibility of blogging often next year, I’m sure there will be cases where there are sporadic posts for the next year at least. If so, the posts will be similar to what’s been posted so far.

The purpose of this blog is also for an assignment, so I’ll get to the point. I would like to think that my blogging has gotten better as the year went on and for that, I have to say thank you again for anyone who has seen this blog.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day/month/year/life. For your time, here’s a picture of a picture with a quote.

This end isn’t the end, there’re more out there to explore. Go for it.

My Internet Adventure: Pie!

There are many different types of pie. Blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, cherry, and many others. My personal favorites would have to be my grandma’s pear pie and cherry pie. Now, the history of pie is different than one might expect. Pie hasn’t been around since humans have, do to the fact that for a long time homo sapiens as we know them were mainly hunter-gatherers; they were originally thought to have been invented by the Greeks. Pies, different than what we know them as in the United States, started out being filled with more savory mixes compared to sweet fruit fillings that pies are well known for today. The Romans are thought to have filled the pastry shell that the Greeks invented with many types of meats and spices.

Some sources shows that pies originated in other locations, but who knows? These pies included meats, spices and vegetables, mentioned above. Which were much more similar to a pot pie, which has chicken, peas and carrots, than a fruit pie. In most other countries, pies are still filled with meats and more savory items compared to the US sweet fruit pies.

Sweet pies, not just pies including fruits or nuts, became a staple for the Pilgrims, they began to season their pies more than what they would have back in the Old Country. Due to this fact, there became more regional differences in pies to help showcase regional flavors and ingredients.

Fruit pies, like apple pie, are not nearly as American as some would like to think.Pie came from a line of history that did not originate in America.

Thanks for reading. For your time, here’s some more pictures of pie.

Strawberry pie

A relatively standard pot pie

And a pizza pie!

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