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Spring Break

As I sit in class, you can feel the nervous anticipation of the following week. That’s right, it’s spring break. Whether it’s because the clock barely moves or because almost no teachers are giving out homework for this weekend, I’m not quite sure. But it’s noticeable that spring break is soon.

Even if you’re not going anywhere over break, there are still some things you can do to assure that you have a great week off. Some of these things take no time at all and if you need something to reduce stress, try some out.

Steps for a fun (and productive) Spring Break.

Step #1: Sleep slightly later than normal. I realize that this is the time that most teenagers use to make up for lost time during the course of the term, but sleeping too late will make getting back into the school routine especially hard and it’s been shown to have negative consequences on your body. (Changing your sleeping schedule rapidly, that is. For a more scientific source, link here. For a more readable version, here.)

Step #2: Do something. Whether or not you even get out of your house, don’t just watch television all day. Even some spring cleaning is better than nothing. (Speaking of which, it’s time to wash your sheets, right?)

Step #3: Make plans to do things with people. As much fun as it is to be a hermit, it’s probably not all that productive in life.

It’s break, do something fun. Accomplish things that have been put off, like cleaning. Really, I’m pretty sure that everyone is guilty of not cleaning recently.

Just because you don’t have school the next day doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute to do the homework assigned over break. If anything, do that first so you don’t have anything like that hanging over your head during the week.

For your time. Here’s a picture of a baby deer.

Have great break!

How to: Make a Pizza.

I don’t know about anyone else, but pizza is probably one of my favorite foods. Not because of the fact that I’m a teenager and it’s easy, but because they’re so much you can put on pizza and so many different combinations of toppings.

That being said, this is a post all about how to make your own pizza or how to change store-bought to something different and better tasting.

When it comes to making lunch on days when the parents aren’t home, all that’s in the house is frozen pizza. There are ways to change a boring frozen pizza into something much better tasting.

Frozen Pizza:

Step 1: Search the fridge. Hopefully you’ll find something to add to the pizza, like extra cheese or peppers.

Step 2: Get the frozen pizza out of the freezer and spray a pan. Place the pizza on the pan. (Pretty standard.)

Step 3: Spread the newly acquired ingredients on the pizza, whether it’s just cheese or other things, like vegetables.

Step 4: Find seasonings to add to the pizza. When you add ingredients, they’re aren’t the same flavor as the rest of the pizza. To counteract two different flavors, flavor the pizza with garlic and  herbs, or something similar depending on your tastes.

Step 5: Cook and enjoy!

Instead of a pizza looking like this. (Below)

You can get one that looks more like this and tastes much better too. (Below) It probably won’t taste like a homemade pizza, but it’s a lot closer than just eating a frozen pizza.

Uncooked store-bought pizza is a little different. Normally, they have a higher amount of toppings than a frozen pizza, but because they’re not cooked yet, you can add things to give the pizza more flavor. So to make them even better, it’s a lot like the steps above for frozen pizzas. Normally pizzas like this just need more cheese added to them to make them taste better. (Especially around the crust, that’s where most cheese is forgotten about.)

I’m sure not everyone uses frozen or store-bought pizza, some make their own while others order out. When ordering pizza from a company, there are more ways to customize your pizza. From less sauce to more vegetables, the options are endless. There’s no reason for having to add anything or change anything when you get it, which is nice.

While pizza isn’t considered super healthy, there are ways that you can add vegetables to the pizza in a way that makes it taste better and be better for you. On that note, pizza isn’t a thing you should be eating every day, for every meal. There are plenty of healthier alternatives for pizza. A few of which get rid of the craving for it, like fruit tarts and whole wheat pizza.

For your time, here’s a picture of Patrick Stewart dressed up as a lobster in a bathtub. Thanks for reading!

My Internet Adventures! Belly Button Lint.

Ah, yes. One of life’s greatest mysteries. Belly button lint. How does one get it? How to get rid of it? What is it?

What is it? Belly button lint is caused by small hairs on your stomach, sweat and clothing. More specifically when all these things occur together. Sweat causes the fabric of your clothes to stick to your stomach; the small pieces of fabric break off, mix with sweat, dead skin and hair and then move. An indent in your stomach is the perfect place for this to end up, because it’s closer than traveling all the way down your body. Belly button lint has plenty of other names- the most common being navel lint or navel fluff. (All of which just sound ridiculous.)

How does one get belly button lint? Because most people wear clothes and have small stomach hairs (which form rings around the belly button), this allows for the accumulation of lint to happen. Hairs, like in your ears, trap particles from moving. This means that these particles are moved as far as possible before being stopped.

People will more stomach hairs, such as men, are more likely to be prone to and get belly button lint. Women who shave or wax their stomach are the least likely. As well as women who have belly button rings because the ring itself creates a blockage around the belly button making it much more difficult for lint to accumulate. That being said, women who don’t do either of those three things and wear tight-fitting clothes are likely to get belly button lint.

How do you get rid of it? You can either shave the small hairs on your stomach routinely to prevent the build up of lint. Or one can wash the belly button out in every shower. This gets rid of the lint itself and the smell associated with belly button lint.

There is a sub-reddit about a woman with a mushroom growing in her belly button. It can be found here. Washing out your belly button prevents things like this growing and reduces the amount of lint. (It’s also just good hygiene.)

For your time, and the fact that you (probably) read a post about belly button lint, here’s a picture of a happy chair.

Required Writing Assignments.

There are times in every students life, especially on the weekend, when there is just nothing to talk about when trying to do an assignment that requires creativity. That’s where I’m at right now. I have nothing to talk about and no desire to blog about anything.

That being said, I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, when I was in 3rd grade, we were required to write about specified topics three times a week. Most weeks, I couldn’t think of anything to write about within the topics. Almost every writing assignment was about how I had nothing to say about that topic. To be honest, I really think that teacher hated me.

From that point forward, I learned how to talk about whatever I was required to. In most cases, those assignments were the worst I had written. Through school, I’ve learned some important things when it comes to making up opinions and stories about required themes.

Steps for writing papers about topics you honestly don’t care about:

1: Find a topic. If it’s a specific topic, all the better. That narrows down the options.

2: Once you’ve found (or are given) the topic, Google opinions on it. Pick a side, read a few arguments about the topic and formulate feelings that one may have.

3: Begin the drafting process. Build around a central opinion and work out from there.

4: After you’ve been writing, if your feelings change, rewrite the paper to fit the new opinion.

5: Finish the draft. If necessary, revise it to fit what it was supposed to be about in the first place.

Voila. The assignment is complete and not total nonsense (hopefully). The hardest part of writing something is the beginning brainstorming portion. Once you get past that, then normally it’s pretty easy to continue the piece. At least that’s the case for me.

So, to sum up the steps to write a paper about something you don’t care about or have an opinion about. First, Google the topic. Read some articles about it, make up a position in the article. Write. Revise. Print and hand it in.

If you can get through the first couple steps, the writing part should be the easiest. Put down anything and everything you can think of first and then go through and read and revise.

Once you get everything you think necessary down, then the easiest part is next. Find what to write is the hardest part, editing should be the easiest.

That being said, my required writing is done for today. Thanks for reading. For your time, here’s a picture of Pusheen, the cat, making pizza. (Maybe I’ll talk about pizza next week.)

Beach Sand Work Area.

If there was a messier invention out there, I’ve yet to see it.

The whole idea of this invention is to bring the beach to the office. It’s like a sand box, but inside and under your desk. This is a cool idea, until you move too much one way and a whole bunch of sand ends up on the carpet next to your desk. It looks like this.


Reasons this sounds like a bad idea:

1: Chances are if you have the space under your desk, that you don’t have a desk in a cubicle. The point of this being you could just take a vacation. To somewhere warm, with a beach. Personally, that’s the route that I would take.

2: No shoes? Really, ew. You’re at work. I’m pretty sure that shoes are a requirement. If not, they should be.

3: It’s just messy. Come on.

How it could be useful is that it’s said to be de-stressing. Because it’s like a zen garden for your feet.

I don’t like sand. It gets into crevices and it’s just awkward for everyone involved.

Thank you for your time. For it, here’s a picture of panda rice balls.

School Lunches.

Blogging is now back and there’s been some changes to my blog over the past few days. Some of the changes really are not all that major and some are only slightly significant.

So far, I’ve changed the layout of my blog so it’s more “visually appealing,” to whomever that concerns, because it’s not me. I’m also going to keep more to the inventions/infomercials and random things I find online and phase out life lessons to a more pet peeve rant type thing; all while including the topic ideas that have already been presented in those posts.

Now, onto the actual blog.

School food is probably the most horrid thing you have to eat while growing up. When you’re little, it doesn’t seem that bad because you get choices. There’s more than just one option, and that’s what your parent made (because sometimes what they make is worse than anything else).

But as school goes on and you reach high school, there are some days where there is nothing even somewhat decent to eat. Sometimes the chicken looks like pulp and the pasta tastes like rubber. These are the days that everyone dreads and for me, they happen about once a week.

You get to lunch and see that there is nothing decent to eat, so you don’t. You get home and you eat anything and everything in sight, whether it’s a week old or not. Or, you eat the al la carte options, which is just as bad as eating junk food.

The problem with school lunches is not that they’re unhealthy, but rather over-processed and frozen to the point of it being inedible. The meat is always fake, always. The bread is whole grain and way too dense to even taste remotely decent. A picture below is what school lunch has started to look more and more like, and it’s disappointing to see and eat.

If you’re dieting, good luck finding a meal with a few carbs. That’s all we’re fed. Carbs, which are fine in moderation, but every day is stretching it. Sure, there are vegetarians, but they mainly bring lunch from home. Meat is good for you. Honest, sounds crazy in this day and age, but it is honestly not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Meat that is bad, is only bad because of how processed it is.

I realize that there isn’t enough money in a school budget to provide non-processed, fresh food; but if food is supposed to be under a certain calorie limit then it should taste somewhat decent, at the very least.

Personally, I think that instead of enforcing a calorie limit, it should be a group limit. Meaning, only so much of each food group- with a focus on cutting back carbs and having real meat. If that were the case, then lunch would be enjoyable and taste so much better.

If lunches tasted better, then there wouldn’t be so much food thrown away everyday.

For your time, here’s a picture of a cat dressed as a lion. Thanks for reading.