No, this is not talking about marijuana. This is about the actual Super Bowl, or Superb Owl as I call it.

So. I’ve noticed some people that are really into sports and football and what not, which is great for them. But calling others un-American because they don’t share the same values in sports is just plain wrong.

But really, it’s just a game, isn’t it? I only like Super Bowl Sunday because of all the junk that everyone makes. Who doesn’t like chicken wings and pizza?

Steps for not being a jerk to non-sporty people:

Step 1: Don’t say anything. ┬áReally, if what you were going to say could be seen as rude or otherwise, just don’t say anything at all.

Step 1.5: Make sure to think before you speak. This might prevent this whole list from being necessary. At least, I’m pretty sure about that.

Step 2: Be nice to them anyway. It’s not like they’re bad people for liking things other than sports. In fact, being with people like this might broaden the horizons of people who live by sports talk and ESPN.

Step 3: Eat more chicken wings. Or pizza. Or chips and dip. Make sure to share with the other people around you. That’s really it.

People have feelings too. I think that sometimes, people forget that and it’s something that’s kind of important to remember when socializing. The step above can also be used when socializing at any time with any individual. It could have just been titled: “Steps for not being a jerk, period.”

Remember, think before you speak and eat chicken wings.

There’s not much more to say about how to be a better person other than only you know right from wrong. And if what you think is appropriate is not, you won’t have all that many friends to rely on when you really need them.

Now, get out there and enjoy the Super Bowl, or the Puppy Bowl, or just eat some junk.

Thanks for reading, and for you time, here’s a picture of an adorable dik dik.