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My Internet Adventures! Siberian Tiger.

These are probably one of my favorite animals ever. Siberian tigers, or Amur tigers which are found mainly in Russian Far East, when in the wild.

Siberian tigers are endangered, but have had a mainly stable population over the last few decades, but have said to have had a declining population anyway. (source) There are, however, many tigers in captivity.

Another reason for the declining population of these tigers is because they are, in most cases, lone animals that do not travel in packs. This means that there are very few opportunities for females and males to cross paths so there are very few cubs born every year. Siberian tigers are also intensely territorial when it comes to other males being in male territory, so each tiger tends to have its own area and keeps to itself.

A female is only pregnant for about three months and the average litter size is two or four. Each litter has an even number of males and females. Female cubs tend to stay with their mothers longer and have territory closer to their original home. Males wander farther and because of this, it’s males that are more likely to be poached

Appearance of these tigers is reddish orange or rusty colored with black stripes. Like the image seen below.

Siberian tigers are bigger than the Bengal tiger, which is similar looking but lighter and lives mostly in India and Bangladesh whereas Siberian tigers live in Siberia and the far east portion of Russia.

The reason these tigers, and others similar are endangered is due to poaching because their fur is increasingly rare and thus has more worth. As well as, body parts of Siberian tigers were used in Chinese medicines and seen to have magical healing properties that could cure pretty much everything. (another source)

Amur, the other name for this tiger, was chosen because many tigers were seen in the region in and around the Amur River of Russia.

Habitat is mostly dense to semi dense forest. This habitat is rapidly disappearing due to logging and spread in agriculture along with other causes from a larger human population in these areas.

 These gorgeous animals are eventually going to be added to the list of extinct animal species if nothing is done, however, there is more research being done to keep the population healthy in a captive environment. To me, this is not the same. These are animals that should be allowed to roam their territory and be free to do what tigers do. I personally think there needs to be more done to keep animals in the wild, where they belong instead of keeping a population alive in zoos and things similar.

That’s really all I have to say about that. I hope this was at least somewhat informative. As always, thanks for reading. For you’re time, here’s a picture of Siberian tiger cubs. I just want to snuggle with one; they’re just so cute.

Life Lesson: Life

Look! Back to normal blogging! Finally, I know, it’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to be blogging about things I enjoy now.

Next week will have more installments of the infomercials and hopefully some more invention posts, those are probably my favorite to write about.

For today though, the topic is life and how to succeed at living.

Steps for living life

Step 1: Be born. Hey, look, you already did that. Great job!

Step 2: Do what makes you happiest. It doesn’t matter what that is, but if you’re happy, then keep doing it because you must be doing something right.

Step 3: Don’t die until you feel you’ve completed everything you can. If you can’t, then you must not have done much at all while living.

Step 4: Have fun. Life is the longest thing you do, at least make it enjoyable.

Step 5: If something makes you unhappy, change it. Only do what makes you happy. Sure, you’ll have to deal with unpleasant things occasionally, but don’t make you life full of unpleasant things.

Remember, times that are bad, are just bad times. Things can only get better.

Life is about the ride, not the destination. So get out there and do something with it. Travel, learn a new language, win a Nobel Prize. But don’t just let it go to waste.

Every person is important and can make a difference to how other people go through life. You’re more important than what you think, so don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Chances are, they just need to be told how important they are by someone too.

Live on, readers, and go forth and do things. Do good things. Things you love.

Vague advice, it’s what I do best. I know already, no need to remind be what great advice I give.

Make every day better than the last, leave no regrets!

That’s all I’ve got for today, I just want to let all of you know that we’re back to regular blog posting from here on out unless something else comes up in class about blogging.

Thanks for reading, and for you time, here’s a picture of a pair of mice. Maybe you’ll learn a few harmonies from them.

P.S. Don’t forget to eat life too. Being skinny is great, but being well fed is even better.

Response to Gay Marriage

Another much talked about issue is gay marriage. The article I’m using as reference can be found here. If getting married to a person of the same sex is difficult, then getting recognized as married is even harder.

Marriage is marriage. It shouldn’t make a difference if it’s between a man and a woman, or two men or women. Marriage is about loving someone and wanting to spend your life with them. Love should be what’s important, not gender.

The bible may condemn gay marriage “immoral” and “wrong”, but that should not be the deciding factor in law. I thought the government was supposed to protect the rights of all. The bible also states that stoning a woman is allowed if she is not a virgin on her wedding night. Are there really that many people willing to back the whole bible, not just a section? No. There aren’t.

I think it’s really sad that people refuse to let others be happy even when it changes nothing about themselves.

There are states here that don’t recognize the marriage between two people of the same gender, or even let them change their names. Why? Because they love the “wrong” gender. Who you love isn’t a choice and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Being gay isn’t contagious, so why does it matter to other people who is sleeping where and with who? Being gay doesn’t make anyone any less of a person than someone else, and that’s how they’re treated.

Don’t want gay marriage? Don’t have one. Really, that’s all there is to it. Someone’s happiness shouldn’t be dependent on everyone else liking the same things.

That’s really all I have to say about this article. Thank you for reading. Here’s a picture of a giraffe riding another giraffe.


Response to Abortion

This is my response to an article on abortion and can be found here.

First and probably more important. This article is about abortion which is controversial; so if you don’t want to read about that, you should probably find something else to read.

Abortion has become one of the most debated things recently, along with gay marriage. But, abortion should be a personal choice because each person has different feelings about what’s right.

I’ve noticed that most people use the bible as their reasoning as being against abortion. The problem with that is not everyone is that religion and people using that as an argument only pick and choose parts that fit with what they’re arguing about instead of using the overall theme of such a book.

That’s not to say that I’m pro-abortion. Everyone should get a choice when it comes to their body because it’s theirs, not anyone else’s. If men could get pregnant, I honestly think that this wouldn’t be a debate.

Yes, there are things like adoption services, which is great, but most people don’t adopt American children but rather adopt out of country. (This isn’t a real statistic because I couldn’t find the actual number, but from what I’ve noticed about adoption is such. That “fact” is based on personal experience and I’m not an expert.) This being said, that means there’s a huge base of children up for adoption that people don’t adopt in our own country.

I don’t believe in late abortion though. If the child is able to live on its own without the mother, than it’s too late for an abortion to take place.

Yes, babies are essentially helpless and should be protected. Only to a point though, a lot of people fight for abortion only in cases where the mother is in danger. But what about when the baby is in danger from its parents? That’s a lot more common than people seem to realize.

A specific example of this is someone that is very close (or was) to my family. She did drugs and put her baby’s life in danger. This baby could have had so many things wrong with her; her mom did meth along with other drugs and had a very high chance of passing on STD’s to the child. In the end, she had the child taken away from her anyway.

Who would honestly want their child to go something like that? From foster family to having mental problems due to the mother’s choices. Most don’t, and that’s why the abort the child so that they don’t have to go something like that.

There are people who abuse abortion though, those women who use it as birth control. I do think that falls under a different situation, so that’s something for another time.

A women should not be abused because of what she does with her body. I’ve seen protesters of abortion outside of places that don’t even do abortions, but they’re there to make the people who go to places like Planned Parenthood feel like bad people.

If you don’t like abortion, don’t abort your children. It’s really that simple. Someone shouldn’t be able to take away rights of someone else because they don’t agree with that person’s view point.

That’s really all I have to say about that topic. However, I do think that I’m going to turn responses to articles into only responses about controversial articles because those are the ones I really have feelings towards.

Thank you for your time. For reading, here’s a picture of baby lamb and chick.

Response to Sugar Free Gummy Bears

A notable leak of the internet comments has made news. Sugar Free Haribo Gummy Bears has caused an upset in the lives (and stomachs) of many gummy bear lovers.

An article about it can be seen here.

Now, I personally would rather just eat the sugar ones anyway.

My biggest problem with what some of the people are saying is that they “didn’t know.” They label and product description tell the consumer what could happen if they were to eat, say, 5 pounds of gummy bears.

Even without the lycasin, 5 pounds of gummy bears is sure to make anyone sick. Really, who can sit down and eat that much candy? Definitely not me.

I do think it’s interesting that the lycasin is still considered “safe to eat” even though not all of it can be digested because that there doesn’t seem to mean edible to me. In fact, it means the opposite.

If you’re going to eat candy to excess, it might as well be “healthier”, I suppose. You’re even likely to lose weight while eating these because of the fact that they make you sick.

This article feels a bit too wordy and scientific to get the general point across that these candies make you sick if you eat a bunch of them, but the fact that what the scientific things are explained following use of the word is a nice touch. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have just moved on to another article about the same thing.

My biggest problem with this article is the fact that I feel it could have gone more in depth, or been funnier. It felt kind of blah because there was so much they could have put it to make it funnier.

It looks like another week of these responses. Please just skim over these. Really, that’s not even a joke. Hopefully free blogging will be the assignment next week.

For your time and putting up with these awful things, here’s a picture of a giraffe.


Response to The Onion

The original article can be found here.

I do realize that The Onion is a joke news site.

Disclaimer: The Onion is a joke news site. Be warned.

Alright, even though it’s a joke site, I think that the point that most students do just agree with whatever their teacher says even if they know that it’s a wrong fact.

School is really just a place where you spend 7-9 hours every weekday listening to teacher spout useless information that you memorize and then repeat back to them like a parrot to get good grades.

School is no longer about learning important skills anymore, at least in most cases, it’s about passing and getting good grades to continue to go to school for at least 2 more years and do the same thing again and again.

Once you get out of school,  you have to manage money and do all kinds of adults things; most don’t know how because they were never taught how to create a budget and stick to it because school is a memorization of so-called facts anymore.

Sure, there are teacher that teach practical things but that only seems to come about once a term. It seems as though most (high school) teachers don’t really care because they don’t even like their job, or they get stuck teaching something they’re certified to teach but never liked.

More and more I’ve noticed that most younger teachers don’t actually even like to teach, they just couldn’t find something else to major in, which makes me sad. As well as most test taken in school are standardized tests that don’t accurately show how intelligent an individual really is.

The professor in the article states that, “She has no plans to abuse her newly discovered power, though she would admittedly reconsider this position if denied tenure.” Even if you were denied tenure, why would you intentionally sabotage your students learning?

I must just have different view points on education than other people out there. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad things as a whole. I have a feeling that the quality of education is going to go down if people continue to teach like this and if there is no action taken to prevent the education system becoming an even bigger joke than it is now.

These responses really just feel kind of rant-y to me, I don’t know if I like this yet. We’ll see, I guess. Thanks for reading. For your time, here’s a picture of a pirate cat pun.

Response to Gun Control

Gun control is definitely a topic of conversation, less so now than it had been, but still an important one.

Here’s the link to the article I’m using this time.

I believe that guns are necessary for protection of the individual and that those who understand the requirements of having a gun can have one.

However, I don’t believe that main reason most pro-gun people have guns is because they’re fun. Sure, that’s an effect to having and using one, but that wasn’t the main reason for purchasing one.

I grew up in a household where there were guns everywhere. On the fridge, in the closet, downstairs. After we’ve gone shooting, on the floor in the living room and on the dining room table. But, I was taught to respect the power of the gun. It was never a toy and we learned how to take care of it before ever shooting it.

I don’t think that more gun control is the answer. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It’s as simple as that. Every thing can kill people, you can’t go and ban baseball bats. (Well, I mean you could, but that’s not the point.) Pretty much everything can be used as a weapon.

That’s not to say that I believe no gun control is the answer. Yes, gun control is important. But, because there is the scare of guns being taken away, there are people out there who would have never bought a gun buying them- which is the unsafe side of things.

I believe that you should have to take a course (like hunter’s safety) before purchasing your first gun and then take remedial courses, say every 5 years as a sort of insurance that you know what you’re doing when you have your own gun.

Anyway, there’s always a black market for those individuals who cannot legally buy guns and it’s those people who are the ones that cause the problems with guns; not the every day gun owner.

Gun ownership is a right but abusing a right is wrong.

That’s really all I have for that topic. Thanks for your time. For reading, here’s a picture of a chimpanzee feeding a tiger cub.

Response to Francis L. Thompson

This week our class was told to blog in response to an article we had read. So, bear with me for three posts this week of response to articles.

Today’s response is to the article “How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves.” You can find the original article here.

I’m from a big family myself. Granted, I don’t have 11 siblings, but I do have 4 and a niece who lives with us. I don’t exactly have what you would call a normal family either, almost all of us have a different dad. We all do share the same mom.

This family seems a lot more strict than any family I’ve ever seen first hand. It doesn’t seem fair to the students to be forced to do anything and everything their parents think they need to do.

My siblings and I are all different. We all have different likes and dislikes because as children we were encouraged to embrace our difference while still being kind to people who didn’t think the same way.

We all like different food and are more than willing to try new things too, but without being forced to eat the exact same thing as everyone else in the house.

Parents didn’t ever pick our classes for us. If we want to take Advanced Placement classes, then we could. If we didn’t, it wasn’t a big deal.

Not everyone is good at hands on things. If these were my parents, I wouldn’t ever learn to drive or had a computer. I’m not good at things like this, and it would just frustrate me more than anything else.

To me, it doesn’t feel fair to treat your all your kids the same because every kid is different. They don’t learn the same, they are different. I grew up for most of my life in a very strict household like this, but with only one child. I felt as though I had no control in my life and that I just had to do whatever I was told and to be honest, it was awful. I could have never continued to live in a house like that.

It doesn’t seem fair to rely on your children to do the work for your other children. Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t have had so many children if you couldn’t give them all the attention they needed. Sure, it made the oldest closer to the younger children, but I imagine most of the children resented the parents for quite awhile growing up and even as adults.

I mean really, it’s a body, not a clown car. I don’t know why, but that article just really upset me. Whether this is because I had to deal with a similar relationship with my dad or what, I’m not sure. However, they chose to raise their kids that way, I wouldn’t.

These responses just feel like rants, I’m not sure I’m even doing this the right way but hey, I’ll do it this way.

Thanks for reading. For your time, here’s a picture of panda riding a pony.


Life Lesson: Twitter.

More and more people are sharing all aspects of their lives online. I think it’s great that people have no shame and feel that they’re able to post such things. But as I get closer and closer to college and getting a real job after, I can’t help but realize that this might media craze might be  harmful to people’s ability to get a job or into college.

It seems that people use Twitter as an outlet to show all the illegal things their doing and say whatever is on their mind all the time. Why? Because there are very very few parents on Twitter (hopefully it stays that way) because they’re all on Facebook.

But, the problem with that is teens feel that what they post will never come back to hurt them. Which is totally not true.

Now, I’m not trying to say that you can’t do whatever you want (even if it’s illegal), but you probably shouldn’t share it online. It never goes away.

So, that being said, do whatever you want, just don’t post it places. There are so many pictures I find where people are doing things like drinking. It’s not just Twitter that people do this on, but on Vine and Instagram too.

I really think that people should be very conscious of what they post online and think about what could happen if someone you want to impress found some of the things you’ve said.

Rant over. Thanks for reading. For your time, here’s a picture of baby koala.


Life Lesson: Bucket List.

I feel pretty young to have a bucket list already, since I don’t plan on dying for quite awhile. But there’s always been these things I’ve wanted to do before I “kick the bucket.” Some of them, I know, are ridiculous and things I’ll probably never do even if I wanted to.

So, I’m going to give a short list of things I’d love to accomplish and some reasons why. (Really, what’s the point of wanting to do something if you have no reason to.)

1. Live in a foreign country for at least half a year. Why? I think other cultures are the absolute coolest because everyone has different ideas of what’s normal and how to do things. Things are different somewhere else and I want to experience as much of the world as possible.

2. Learn another language. I’m already learning German, and I know English. But I would love to learn something a little more obscure. Like Czech or Gaelic. Specific right? I want to be able to go visit my family that I have in these countries and talk to them in their language, because that holds more meaning to the whole thing.

3. Publish something. It doesn’t have to be a book, or even well-liked. I want my name out there, and I want it connected to me specifically not the other 12 bazillion people that have the same name.

Those are the big three for right now, I’m sure they’ll change as I get older and experience more things. But I feel that knowing know what I want to do later means I’ll have more of a chance to get to do them once I’m able to.

A bucket list is this personal thing that everyone has, even if that’s not what they call it, and it shows so much about a person because it’s what they want to do with their life.

For your time, as always. Here’s a picture of an adorable monster. Thanks!