Last weekend, I got a new phone; my first smart phone too. Already I’ve been given this stigma of being an Apple fan because of this. Now, I don’t quite understand the conflict between the Android lovers and the iPhone people. To me, it’s really just a phone.

That being said, I’m not sure how I feel about this new label I’ve been graced with, if that’s what you want to call it, but there’s no way to lose it now. ( Unless I were to get a different, new phone. )

Do people really look at brand names when buying a phone? I didn’t. I picked what was small enough to fit in my pocket and did what I need it to.

Rules to follow when choosing a new phone:

1. Size. Will it actually fit in a pocket? Seriously, some phones are the size of small tablets. Are your clothes going to work to carry this thing around with you everywhere? If not, look at other options.

2. Brand name is just a name. If you like the features of the phone, get it. Don’t let it’s name turn you away from something you could totally love.

3. Get over it. It’s a phone, for the love of all that is holy, find something else to obsess about. Preferably something worth the time, like I don’t know, school. ( Serious point; focus in class and get off your phone. )

A name does not make the product worth your money, it means that the company knows that you’re going to buy it because of the name. Fight the power!

All kidding aside, everyone likes different things and that should be a good thing that others embrace. If you’re the one getting labelled, stuff happens; life sucks then you die, make the most while you can.

Now, this post was a little out there, and I’m not sure this is something that I will continue to do because I don’t really like this style. But, we’ll see come later this week. The fact still remains that what you like doesn’t have to be what everyone else likes.

Thanks for your time and reading through my rant. For the rant, here’s a picture of a dog in antlers.

And for your time, here’s a picture of a dog, dressed up as two pirates carrying a treasure chest. ( When in doubt, use pictures of cute things to distract from awful writing. )