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Life Lessons: New Year’s Resolutions.

Let’s talk about me here for a minute. I’m probably the laziest person I know, and somehow I still manage to get good grades. To be honest, I really don’t even know how that works. It’s always frustrated my friends and family.

I guess slacking just works for me. In the coming year, I plan to change that. I don’t want to be the smart slacker procrastinating kid. I’m gonna get my stuff together, and for me it works the best when I’m busy. So that’s what I plan to do.

How to achieve a New Year’s Resolution (that lasts the whole year):

1. Set a reasonable goal. Not something ridiculous, like being able to lift a seafaring vessel in a week and a half.

2. Take your time. Change doesn’t happen over night, even though everyone wishes it would. You wanna lose 20 pounds? Work on it, you can’t lose too quickly anyway. Instead of losing weight, make your goal to eat right or work out more. Don’t go the easy way if you really want to change yourself for the better.

3. Change is good! Sometimes, it’s even necessary. Do what makes you happy. Not what makes everyone else happy. Because you don’t need them anyway if you’re not happy.

If you really want to stick to your resolutions, you will. But it’s not easy and requires plenty of hard work. Sometimes sweat, and even occasionally tears. I believe that anyone can accomplish anything they put their mind to. So, go out and conquer.

Personally, my goals are to do homework the night before it’s due, rather than in the class period before; get a job; and take studying for tests more seriously. Oh, and publish blog posts throughout the week instead of Sunday; that’s kind of an annoying habit to me.

On a lighter note, since break has now officially started, I’ve got more time to work on things due when we get back. (And find a job.)

For your time and listening to me ramble, like always, here’s a Calvin and Hobbes comic. I felt it related to the topic of school because this is really how school feels to most students out there that take the time to memorize the random facts.

Have a great holiday season. Don’t fall on the ice. Trust me, that hurts.

Nail Art Pens.

I’m sure that many of you ( girls ) have heard of these things. If not, I have a commercial below, like always.

What they are is really quite simple. Instead of having nail polish in a bottle, the polish is in a pen. Hey, that’s really smart. They kind of look like it’s in a white-out pen, which is probably where the inspiration came from, because if I remember correctly that’s what most girls used white out for in middle school. ( At least at my school, anyway. )

If you’re artistic, then you can do some really cool designs all by yourself or with a friend.

Things like the picture above are all things you could do with nail pens; mine however, would just look like blobs. So, if you’re creative, this might be something for you.

Pluses to having nail art pens:

If you’re good at art-y things and can manage to make both hands look the same, then this might be another medium for an artist to practice with.

If you have artistic friends who have nothing else to do and don’t mind doing your nails. Seriously though, if you’re not really all that artistic, then it’s probably not something you should waste your money on.

You can use it on toe nails! Whooo. Not just finger nails, but toes too. Your toes no longer have to go naked.

Cons to having nail art pens:

They dry out really fast. This happens because there is less liquid in the pen, the lids don’t always go back on correctly, and they have to sit a certain way for them to work the next time.

If you mess up, you have to start the whole finger over again because in most cases, you’re layering paint over dried paint. So, if one layer is messed up, then the whole nail is messed up.

If you’re not artistic and you have money to blow, just go to a nail salon and then you can get exactly what you want from someone who knows what they’re doing. Chances are it’ll look nicer than what you could have done. ( At least, that’s the case with how it would work for me. )

But, if you’re artistic or want to be, this is something that could help you, I guess. I don’t really know how it would hurt you if you continued to practice at it, if you’re patient.

That’s really all I’ve got for today. Here’s a picture of watermelon nails, I think they’re adorable because they look like little faces, but I would never be able to do them myself.

I’ll be back to posting after New Year’s. So, until then, thanks for your time and reading this really girly post.

Here’s a banana for scale. He seems really excited for it too.

Life Lesson: Borrowing Things.

Every once and awhile, you need to borrow something from someone. And that means that you have to take care of it as you would take care of your own things. But some people don’t take care of their stuff as well as other people do.

My friend, let’s call him George. George just recently moved into a new house with a lot more land than he was used to. So, he borrowed his cousin’s tractor to mow his yard because it was during the summer. His cousin said that is was no problem, and lent it to him. And do you know what George did? He broke the tractor. Not just an easy fix either, he broke the axle. That was the last time George was allowed to borrow any of his cousin’s things.

The moral of the story, don’t break things that aren’t yours. Seriously. It’s just more annoying than anything else, even when the person replaces.

How to avoid breaking borrowed items:

1. Don’t break it. Like, be careful with it. It’s not yours, so treat it with the respect. If you respect the person, respect their things.

2. Refer to step one for how to complete this step.

And finally, step three. Refer again to step one. Seriously.

But, if you break it, fess up to the person and pay to replace it. You know the saying, “You break it, you buy it.” It’s not just for stores, it’s for when you break others’ things too.

I do type this as I borrow a laptop from my cousin’s husband. So, even I have to follow the rules in this instance. But that’s not to say I never follow the rules, because I totally do. For the most part. ( When I feel like it. )

Just be cautious when you decide you need to use someone things instead of buying your own; because if you break it, you might as well have bought your own in the first place.

For your time, and the occasional post likes, I present you with a picture of a bunny all dressed for winter in its very own hat.

Life Lesson: Being Sick.

Every year, without fail, I am sick on my birthday. Most times, it’s nothing major, a head cold here, a sinus infection there. But this year, it’s Influenza A. However, while I am writing this, it is not exactly my birthday yet. That’s tomorrow.

I am going to give some tips on what to do when you’re home all alone, sick and feel like dying.

1. Complain. Don’t let anyone forget how sick you are. Constantly remind them about what hurts, and what it feels like.

2. Sleep. It’s my favorite pastime, but make sure you snore loud enough to keep anyone else that may be around awake. Make sure to sleep at weird hours too; so that when you’re up, nobody else is.

3. Drink fluids. Not soda, but copious amounts of orange juice. Why? Because apparently it helps you get better faster, but it also makes your throw up look even grosser.

4. Whine. Did I mention that already? I wasn’t kidding.

People good for whining at:

a. Your mom, unless she’s like mine and tells you to knock it off.

b. Your dad.

c. All of your siblings, near or far.

d. Your significant other, if applicable.

e. People on the internet.

5. Shower. Hot baths and showers are probably the best when you’re sick. Because they loosen up all the snot in your head so you can breathe, and make your muscles hurt less when it’s the flu.

6. Get better. I can’t write a step for this one, but sometimes it involves going to the doctors’ and waiting in their white, sterilized rooms; where they touch you with cold hands and ask what hurts. If it comes down to that, take your mom, because they always know what’s wrong with you.

The first and last step, just don’t get sick anymore. Life is just easier if you can manage that.

For your time, and listening (or reading) to me whine, here’s a picture of kittens in cups.

Seriously, don’t get sick. It really sucks. Especially if it’s the flu; it is absolutely horrid this year. At least the type I got is. (Maybe it will just get me out of going to school for this whole week. We’ll see. )

Taco Susan.

Alright, this is a product you’ve probably never seen; unless you constantly look up products from online stores, like I do. But, this is one that I think is actually a good idea.

The video is listed above, but it’s not like a normal infomercial. It’s a calmer, how the product came to be video. Which is certainly an interesting turn from the average video.

This product honestly seems like a good idea. Taco night is always a mess in the kitchen at my house, with everyone reaching over each other to get what they want.

Basic idea of this product is that you put all the taco ingredients in the cups on the tray, set it on the table and have everyone make their tacos there. Which seems like a more efficient way of waiting in line in the kitchen or not being able to find what you need because someone is using it.

Overall, all the customers liked this product. Really, it’s weird for me too; to find a product that everyone likes. Minus, of course, the few ideas that could make it better or add more options to the product itself.

People liked that it was cleaner and more efficient to make tacos, but it also got the family together when eating because it is supposed to be placed on the table when used; that pretty much means that you have to sit at the table with your family to eat.

For example: Some people wished there were different sizes, both bigger and smaller; so that if you had more people, then there were bigger cups to hold more toppings instead of having to refill the bowls more often. Or smaller, so that a smaller group of people didn’t have too much.

But, this is not just for tacos. People have used it for sundae toppings and things like that. The Taco Susan is essentially a reusable fruit tray that you could buy at the store, which means you can use it for all of those types of things. Like for vegetables and dip, or fruit and caramel.

This does seems like a fairly useful product, and all the reviewers liked it. So if you’re interested, here’s the link to the website that sells the Taco Susan.

I’ve updated my about page, because I do not endorse any of the products shown. Just thought I would clarify that. In hindsight, I probably should have done so at the beginning of this blog.

For your time, here’s a picture of a hamster eating a carrot. Thanks for reading!

Life Lesson: New Phones.

Last weekend, I got a new phone; my first smart phone too. Already I’ve been given this stigma of being an Apple fan because of this. Now, I don’t quite understand the conflict between the Android lovers and the iPhone people. To me, it’s really just a phone.

That being said, I’m not sure how I feel about this new label I’ve been graced with, if that’s what you want to call it, but there’s no way to lose it now. ( Unless I were to get a different, new phone. )

Do people really look at brand names when buying a phone? I didn’t. I picked what was small enough to fit in my pocket and did what I need it to.

Rules to follow when choosing a new phone:

1. Size. Will it actually fit in a pocket? Seriously, some phones are the size of small tablets. Are your clothes going to work to carry this thing around with you everywhere? If not, look at other options.

2. Brand name is just a name. If you like the features of the phone, get it. Don’t let it’s name turn you away from something you could totally love.

3. Get over it. It’s a phone, for the love of all that is holy, find something else to obsess about. Preferably something worth the time, like I don’t know, school. ( Serious point; focus in class and get off your phone. )

A name does not make the product worth your money, it means that the company knows that you’re going to buy it because of the name. Fight the power!

All kidding aside, everyone likes different things and that should be a good thing that others embrace. If you’re the one getting labelled, stuff happens; life sucks then you die, make the most while you can.

Now, this post was a little out there, and I’m not sure this is something that I will continue to do because I don’t really like this style. But, we’ll see come later this week. The fact still remains that what you like doesn’t have to be what everyone else likes.

Thanks for your time and reading through my rant. For the rant, here’s a picture of a dog in antlers.

And for your time, here’s a picture of a dog, dressed up as two pirates carrying a treasure chest. ( When in doubt, use pictures of cute things to distract from awful writing. )

Life Lesson: The Internet.

The internet is this object that pretty much everyone uses in their daily life. Some people, myself included, can’t go without using the internet for a day. Really, who actually wants to go to the library for a research book and read it when you can just Google it and find the phrase you’re looking for. 

To be honest, this has become somewhat of a problem for me. I’m essentially always connected to the internet; if you’re like me, I have some steps to help you get away from the online world at least for a little while.

1. Turn it off! Whatever device you use the most, whether that’s your phone, laptop or tablet, just turn it off. After you finish reading this, of course. Otherwise you won’t know the next couple of steps.

2. Find something else to do. What did you do a lot before you got super connected to the internet? Try that again. Reading, drawing or spending more time with friends and family in the real world are all things you probably stopped doing as much as once you got sucked into the internet world.

3. Moderation. Like dieting, the internet is all about moderation. Sure, it can be used but only sometimes. Definitely not all the time you’re up. Personally, if I’m on it too much, I find it harder to sleep at night because I’m all wound up from the internet.

4. Do your real work first. I’m sure that you procrastinate work to be online. Instead, make internet time a reward. Get all your work done first then be online for an allotted amount of time and make sure not to go over that time limit.

This is not another step, but some advice instead. Social networking is great and all, but those friends only count if you actually go out and do things with them. Break out of your little box and go do things with people because it’s way more rewarding to actually give someone a high five than to text them the emoji signifying it.

Go out, do real things. I’m sure you’ll like it just as much as the internet, if not more. Thanks for your time. Here’s a picture of a puppy dressed up as a Chia pet for Halloween. ( Maybe that’s what I’ll review next, we’ll  see next week. ) 

Life Lesson: Christmas.

I know it’s early for this to be a topic; but with all the Christmas music already playing, I felt it was necessary.

Personally, I hate Christmas. The whole idea of it. All the cheery music, the scramble for gifts for people that you don’t even like, and the endless parades of people that you’re supposed to remember but don’t. Because of this, I’m called a scrooge.

Now, Christmas is supposed to be about family and happiness; all that gross stuff.

Steps for dealing with people who love Christmas:

1. Just shut up and don’t listen. Really, people who gush about the presents the got for super cheap really don’t need input on how good of a job they did; they just want to talk about it.

2. Radio. If you’re in the car with someone and all they listen to is Christmas music, compromise with something horrible for the both of you (like country music) or turn the radio off. If they talk about Christmas stuff, refer to step 1.

3. Avoid talking to people whose names you don’t remember by eating copious of cookies. (Seriously, cookies will be everywhere).


Now, that we’ve talked about that onto the next topic. If someone asks why you don’t like Christmas, give them an actual answer not something that’s wrong but sounds like a good reason. Like, I don’t like Christmas because my birthday is the week before and it’s my mom’s favorite holiday which means that the tree is up from Black Friday all the way until Valentine’s Day. (I’m not even kidding, it’s awful.)

Presents for people you don’t know or remember:

1. Food, like boxed chocolates or fudges. You can almost never go wrong with food. Unless they’re allergic or something.

2. Make a card! This is my go to. It’s really easy, and then you sign it and give them money or a gift card inside.

3. If you really don’t know anything about this person, then you’re screwed when it comes to finding a present for them if you don’t do the above steps. Sorry.

But do try to be nice to the crazy people who love Christmas; they just don’t know any better.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Try not to get trampled by people looking for great holiday deals. They’re pretty ruthless sometimes. Thanks for reading. For you time, here’s a picture of a baby wallaby and it’s parent. (Wallabies are just little kangaroos.)

Chomper Cherry Pitter.

As the name implies, this product is used to pit cherries, and olives too. It’s really super adorable too, so that might be considered a plus for some people. Below is an image of the product in action.


I mean really, this thing is adorable. However, you can’t just judge a product on looks; you have to judge on safety too, if something like that actually matters to people. The tooth protects your fingers from getting chomped and is supposed to help keep the cherry in place by making it unable to roll around too much. The clear bit at the bottom collects the pits and the extra juice that would have normally ended up all over the counter or your hands.

The video below even lists out all of the great features this product includes. You can watch it here.

This being said, it seems like a great product, right? That’s debatable to the reviewers on Amazon. Sometimes, the pit is not taken out, so you have to do it by hand. It can only pit one cherry at a time; if you want a bunch of them, you’re going to be using this for awhile. The feet don’t drain well enough- meaning that there is excess water left in the product which is totally not sanitary. Pit have to be emptied out fairly often otherwise the head gets suck and you can’t get the next cherry out.

From what I’ve read, a lot of people buy these because they think they are cute. (They’re also fairly inexpensive compared to other cherry pitters.) Or because their kids asked for one since children like cherries, I guess.

Most people really enjoy these based on what the reviews say. ( Link to reviews.) A majority of the higher starred reviewers think that it’s functional to a point; if you’re going to pit a bunch of cherries then you need a different tool, but if you’re only doing a few then it is easier to use this compared to using a knife.

If you really don’t care what the pitted cherry will look like and don’t want to spend the money, use a knife. But if you want your cherries to look like just picked cherries then this would be the way to go if you’ve got the time and patience for this product.

But really, if you’re going for usefulness, this is probably not your product. All in all, I think that the cuteness outweighs most negatives about this product.

As always, for your time, here’s a picture of a hedgehog-shaped steamed bun.