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Life Lesson: Finals.

Finals are closing in and what am I doing to prepare? Honestly, nothing so far. Which is a really horrible answer, so don’t be like me and listen to how you should prepare for finals.

1. Accumulate all the material talked about over the course.

2. Focus on the material from the first few weeks first. If it’s math, as your instructor for more practice problems or worksheet from the beginning of the year and pick a few from each section to review. If it’s history, create a timeline of major events and connect them to the smaller events that were caused. Language Arts is memorization of terms that are important, make flash cards. For foreign language, speak out loud and looking at a mirror for your speaking final which is most likely part of the final.

3. Start doing step 2 about a week before finals, so you’re not cram studying the weekend and days leading up to the tests.

4. If you have projects assigned that are due the day of the final, work on them. Do not procrastinate because those projects are always worth way too many points for you to just make it up last minute.

5. Now that you’ve started studying, on the day before make sure to read through all the work you’ve done and reread your notes.

6. On the day of, read through your notes and mentally quiz yourself. Think of previous questions you missed, because chances are those questions will be on the test again.

Last but not least. 7. Make sure to eat before your test and take something to drink during it.

8. Rockstar the test and make everyone jealous because you read this post and knew what to do.

Chances are, if you study a little more than the average student and have slightly higher than average grades, you’ll do just fine. Don’t let the idea of this impacting your grade a ton scare or stress you out. Most people do just fine on finals if they’ve paid attention over the course of the class.

Make sure you take breaks and don’t totally overwhelm yourself. Breaks are good and necessary, if you take them, you’ll retain the knowledge better.

Good luck!

For your time, and a bit of humor to brighten your day, here’s a picture of a dyed sheep from Scotland.

My Internet Adventures! Cyanide & Happiness Version.

Cyanide & Happiness are comics and videos posts to Youtube that can be anywhere from hilarious to totally offensive. They poke fun at what could be considered more serious topics and are found all over the internet.

C&H as a lot of people refer to the comics as have been around since 2005, and hasn’t changed all that much over the course of 8 years. They’re still funny, somewhat relatable and have been drawn in pretty much the same manner since the beginning.

Some of the video shorts online are just really random, like below. By some, I mean all of them.

However, this is probably one of the cleanest videos they’ve posted; a lot of the episodes contain swear words which wouldn’t be deemed “school appropriate,” but if you really want to watch them, here’s the link to the Youtube page.

I should clarify, C&H are relatable to a point if you totally don’t know how to go about life or if you just do some really stupid stuff sometimes.

It’s comics like this that make the series relatively well known and the people have always been drawn like this. They characterize a more ridiculous approach to things that people go through, like the video below.

Along with once mentioned story ideas, there are some that reoccurred a few times, like the Purple-Shirt Eye Stabber. Granted, I think he’s only used three or four times, and all he does it stab eyes.

I feel that C&H is an adequate portrayal of what people find funny online and purposely look up. They’re like cat pictures but with comments and people.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that the comics can sometimes range on the offensive side and as a result of that, they have been banned (for a period of time) on Facebook. See link. Personally, I don’t agree with everything the team has either made in a video form or as a comic, but I don’t feel that banning them was the way to go, especially since it was only a minority who opposed the comic.

Wow, that was serious for me. All in all, the comics are funny, and quite well known by the common person online.

Well, that’s all I’ve got on this topic for right now. Thanks for your time. Here’s a picture of a llama in a hat.

If you’re interested in reading more of the web comics from their site, there’s a link right here.

No No Hair Remover.

Probably one of the most annoying commercials out right now is the No No Hair commercial. This would not be such an issue if it wasn’t on all the time. It seems that every time that I turn the television on that this commercial is either the first or second one to be played. Now, if you haven’t seen it, consider yourself lucky and watch it for me anyway.

This product is said to eliminate the need to shave. That’s is safe and effective. This is not the case from any review that I have read so far. In the commercial you see women using the product on their face; however, on the packaging it specifically says not for use on face. Which from my understanding is what most people buy it for.

Seems a little sketchy, right? Because I certainly think so. Supposedly there are many pros of this item; gets rid of the need to shave, easy to use, affordable.

Yeah, no. This product is almost $300 a piece and that’s not even with the full kit that you need to even use it; it can’t be used on the face and where you can use it, it doesn’t work all that well. Many reviewers state that you can really only use this product on fine, light colored hair for their to even be a slight difference in the amount of shaving you need to do.

On long, dark hair? Good luck. Coarse or wavy hair, not going to happen. Overall, No No Hair Removal is a no go.

Expensive and doesn’t work are definitely two things that you don’t want to go together when you see a product that is supposed to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Seriously, shaving doesn’t even take that much time. Buck up and do what you have to. Anyway, you have to use No No once a day for 6 weeks. That’s not even worth my time, but I don’t know about anyone else.

To me, this product is not worth the cost or effort. Granted, I’m a little on the lazy side, but still, there should be nothing you need for a hair removal product that costs that much.

Overall, very few people rated this product with more than 3 stars because it wasn’t effective, inexpensive or worth it to them.

Thanks for your time and reading my post. Here’s a picture of a happy man with a beard made of bees.

Goatee Pacifier.

I’m sorry, but this is probably one of the most adorable fads out there right now. The beard and mustache trend has been going around lately online with everything from knit hats with beards to things like this.

Seriously, it’s a baby with a goatee pacifier and apparently people like these a lot and have bought them for their children or as a gag gift. That’s not even an over-exaggeration; there are so many different types of facial hair pacifiers online that I was impressed to see how many results I got from just a single search on Amazon. (To see the Amazon list of these, link here.) There’s everything from mustaches to funny teeth.

Now, there are a few problems with using a gag gift for actual continued use; it would be that this product is not meant for long term use because it’s actually not good for the development of the child’s teeth and jaw since it’s meant for looks not use.

But really, this sort of makes my day that someone out there decided that pacifiers with mouths were a good idea and that a lot of people like them make me even happy. Sometimes, I just really love the internet.

I don’t think this is a fad that will burn out very soon, but I can’t see it lasting all too long since facial hair on guys goes in and out of style fairly regularly too, but I don’t really follow trends so don’t believe me on anything fashion related.

Personally speaking, my stepdad said if these were around when my little brother was born that he would have gotten my brother a matching pacifier to my stepdad’s mustache just because he thought it would be hilarious and annoy my mom (which it probably would have).

Since you just read a blog post about mustaches, I feel you all deserve another picture of a baby with a mustache. Thanks for sticking through some of my weirder posts this week.

Life Lesson: Plays.

Last night, I saw a play I had been asking to go to for years. Years. Wicked is what it was called, and I imagine many of you have heard of it. If not, Wicked is a play set before Dorothy lands in The Wizard of Oz. It gives background to Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the West. Wicked, the play, is an adaptation of the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire.

The point of this post is play etiquette.

1. Children. If you have them, it’s really great that you’re exposing them to culture through plays and musicals but if they are so young that they cry all the time or are scared by the production, then this is not the right thing for you to be doing with them. Find a babysitter and make it a date night with your spouse.

Quite honestly, people want to hear the lines given on stage and not your kid crying every time the smoke machine is used.

2. Couples who make out. Don’t. Please. I don’t want to see that. Especially if you’re seated right next to me. I’m glad you found someone you want to suck face with, but do it at home. Making out at a play defeats the purpose of paying for the tickets if you aren’t even going to watch the show.

Seriously, just don’t make out in public. That’s so gross, and you’re not teenagers anymore; please restrain yourself.

3. Walking through the aisles. If you’re not going to tuck your feet in or stand up so someone can get through, chances are you’re going to get your feet stepped on, intentionally or not.

Just be courteous, because chances are you’re going to need to leave sometime too.

4. Intermission. This doesn’t mean take out your phone and turn it back on. Intermission means talk to a real person face to face about it. Intermission definitely doesn’t mean leave your phone on afterwards either, because that’s really rude to those around you and the performers who worked so hard for the show.

Really, these rules aren’t that hard to follow. Just realize that you’re not the only one there and you could be causing issues for other people, which is just cruddy since everyone paid money to watch the show, and not the people screwing around in the audience.

For your time and effort to read this rambling post, here’s a picture of Kristin Chenoweth  and Idina Menzel in their costume from when they were Galinda (with a Ga) and Elphaba in Wicked. Thanks for reading!



The Spork, my least favorite utensil. It doesn’t seem all that useful to me. A Spork is a fork and a spoon combined into this monstrous thing called a “Spork”.

The history of the Spork is rather simple. A guy named Sam Francis patented the idea of a fork and a spoon together in 1874, and a similar product was patented by George Laramy in 1907. Now, people love the idea of a two in one product because they’re efficient and space saving, apparently.

Sporks are very popular among campers, which does make sense. One wouldn’t have to pack as much if you only need one utensil for the job that normally requires two. This being said, that would be the only time I would bring myself to use such an awful thing, and even then I probably wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Things that a Spork can’t be used for:

Eating soup. The prongs for the fork part of a spork make it impossible to get a full spoonful of soup, and if you do, it’s impossible to eat without stabbing yourself in the mouth or not getting any soup on you because it all falls through the pronged area.

Cut up food. Since the Spork is only a fork and a spoon, you have to have additional utensils if you want to cut something up before you eat it. Now, there are some places where they make items like the one below, but there’s not spoon portion!

The image above is a product called “ForkChops” which is a fork, knife, and chop sticks and can be purchased for the low low price of only $5.99 and can be purchased here!

Picking up cut up food. Like with any plastic item of silverware, you can never pick up anything. The prongs are not long enough or sharp enough to stab anything, food or otherwise.

Things you can do with a Spork:

Be frustrated. Sporks just make me upset, and I have met very few people who think the same since pretty much everyone loves Sporks.

One other person who hates Sporks just as much as I do is Tessa Violet, or Meekakitty, on Youtube. Her video about Sporks is posted below.

There is also a blog post by a different author about Sporks and that post can be found here.

In my personal opinion, Sporks are an unnecessary evil that should be done away with because they’re a hard to use and horrible. I’d rather just have a fork, a spoon, and a knife compared to having to deal with the frustration that comes with using a Spork.

As always, thank you for your time and possible feedback. For that, I give to you a picture of an adorable little Saint Bernard puppy. Enjoy.